AWA Vision seeks to reach beyond “wrist-bands and ribbons” and more “backstage passes and front row seats” to give a meaning. Many charities are focused on “the cure” and we applaud their accomplishments. However we strive to differentiate ourselves by focusing on the human aspect of cancers. At the same time addressing the other needs of the cancer community through simple grassroots level programs and events. Our vision is to become a premier cancer charity and truly make a difference in the cancer community.…

Provides Solace…We serve families in crisis by offering them an opportunity to step back from the reality of battling a terminal illness and enjoy an interlude of happiness with loved ones and friends, through our events.

Clear View…We reach beyond basic cancer awareness with a personal message that provides the opportunity to effectively educate people of all ages about the importance of early detection and lowering their risk factors for developing the disease.

Impacting Lives…We provide a community of support and accountability that encourages us all to visit their doctors for regular clinical exams, have mammograms when appropriate, and make healthy choices. As simple as the foods we ingest, to the products we use, to the preventive measures we can all take to lower all of our chances of not developing cancer.

…All We Ask.